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Prebiotics and Probiotics

They are a group of soldiers getting together to protect a kingdom. Welcome to the world of Prebiotics and Probiotics, our friends from the world of bacteria who protect our body from external attacks and help us to recover from the damage that it has already undergone. Prebiotics and Probiotics play a huge role in the smooth functioning of our bodies. Prebiotics are groups of non-digestible food ingredients that benefit the consumer by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the colon. On the other hand, Probiotics are dietary supplements, supplied through basic food ingredients that contain beneficial groups of bacteria, which can help in the body’s different biological processes. Yeast and lactic acid bacteria are the most common kinds of Probiotics that have been used in the world ages before technology developed to the extent it has today.

Prebiotics are present in Fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS. They are rich sources of carbohydrates, which contrary to the common notion are extremely beneficial for the smooth functioning of not only the human body but the human mind as well. On the other hand Probiotics like Acacia Powder also help the human body in a lot of ways, the most important of which is the prevention of colon cancer. They lower the cholesterol level and also lower blood pressure. Prebiotics and Probiotics enhance the immunity system of the body and thereby prevent against infections. Since they are extremely rich in fiber, organic ingredients containing these bacteria help in the regulation of our normal bowel movements. In fact Probiotics are known to treat diarrhea effectively whereas Prebiotics contain substances, which are instrumental in treating constipation. The combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics is thus, extremely important in the smooth functioning of the human body and preventing irritable bowel syndrome. They are thus beneficial bacteria that have to be supplemented inside the human body from external sources like food and beverages and then used to perform the functions, which the resident beneficial bacteria of the body are unable to. It is almost as if the supply of Prebiotics and Probiotics is the addition of supplies and soldiers to an army unit engaged in war.

The most common way in which we can add Prebiotics and Probiotics to our daily diets is by increasing the intake of daily products. These functional ingredients can go a long way in reducing Cholesterolemia. Besides this, the combined force of Prebiotics and Probiotics can also be beneficial in lipid metabolism. They are also available in foods like sauerkraut and yogurt. Besides, our direct diet, Prebiotics and Probiotics can also be obtained in the form of capsules and tablets, which contain the supplements in a freeze-dried form.

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