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Health Benefits of Colostrum

The health benefits of Colostrum are some of the greatest boons of nature. Colostrum is the first milk of mammals and has always been known to contain a vast source of nutrients that can help human beings in a number of ways. Though, it is generally regarded as a kind of milk, in reality it is not so. It is a mammary secretion, a kind of pre milk that is produced in the mother’s body during the first 72 hours after birth. Till a few years back doctors recommended against the intake of Colostrum and this precious liquid was unfortunately discarded before the baby could benefit from its use. However, latest researches have proved almost beyond a doubt about the mistake that this was and the huge health benefits of Colostrum.

The health benefits of Colostrum are made even more important as Colostrum is high in carbohydrates, proteins and antibodies. Besides this, there fat content is comparatively lower than that of normal milk. This low amount of fat is a blessing for the consumption of human babies as their digestion is extremely weak right after birth. Thus, Colostrum can supply them with almost all the essential nutrients and functional ingredients in manner that is easy to digest. Besides this, the health benefits of Colostrum are made stronger by the presence of antibodies in the substance is also extremely important as this helps the babies to grow their power of immunity which can go a long way in ensuring them a disease free life. The effects of the health benefits of Colostrum have long-term benefits. Just that initial consumption of the milk can prevent a number of diseases and also help in the anti aging process that the baby will need quite a few years later! Besides this, Colostrum also acts as a mild laxative that encourages the smooth outlet of the baby’s first stool, which is known as Meconium. Meconium contains a high percentage of Bilirubin, which is a waste product of the red blood cells of our body and one of the principle reasons for the growth of the dreaded disease Jaundice. Thus one of the health benefits of Colostrum also includes prevention of jaundice.

Besides the initial intake during the baby’s birth, Colostrum can also be used as a food supplement in the case of adults. One of the health benefits of Colostrum is an aspect related to increase of our energy quotient. The high carbohydrate content gives a boost to the energy levels and thus, they are widely used by sportspersons. It helps in the growth of the immunity levels of adults just as it helps in the case of babies. By strengthening the immunity level of the individual, Colostrum prevents diseases like arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease besides directly fighting against bacteria like chlamydeous thereby lowering LDL cholesterol levels and thus, reducing the risks of a heart attacks. Thus, the health benefits of Colostrum like those of Acacia Powder are influential in maintaining our health all through life.

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