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A group of friendly bacteria that work overtime to maintain the health of our bodies… guess what we are talking about? They are Probiotics. A kind of bacterial group which is present in our food ingredients and which when ingested help to keep our intestinal tract clear of harmful bacteria and toxins. In fact besides preventing toxins from affecting our body negatively, Probiotics also try and reduce the damage that has already been done to our cells and blood. Thus, by normalizing the circulation of blood, they help in the smooth functioning of the various body processes as well. Probiotics are defined as live microbial feed supplement, which beneficially affects the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance.

Probiotics are generally prescribed by doctors and more often by nutritionists who have great faith in the role of these friendly bacteria in curing the negative effects of antibiotics. As they have healing properties like Acacia Powder, they are often recommended for use after a bout of illness that has been treated by a dose of antibiotics. One of these kinds of illnesses is Candida, a fungal infection. In the case of Candida, Probiotics are functional ingredients that are injected into the body in order to allow them to fight against the harmful bacteria that are the primary cause of the disease of Candida. A normal human body needs around 400 friendly bacteria in order to carry on with the body’s fundamental processes and to ensure the maintenance of good health.

Of the most important functions of Probiotics is that they are very effective in fighting against the ill effects of chlorine and sodium fluoride. These elements are present in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the beverages, which we order in restaurants and food bars as well as in alcohol. These elements are extremely harmful to the human body as they can damage the intestinal flora and the tissues that line the intestinal walls. Besides this, the effects of our modern hi tech lifestyle can also damage our delicate internal tissues. Thus, the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, allopathic drugs like antibiotics, aspirin and birth control pills can also cause damage to our bodies by destroying the good bacteria that we have in our systems. Probiotics can fight against these urban menaces effectively and also manage to keep a check on the harmful bacteria, which are already present in our bodies. Since the presence of toxins and bacteria can damage our digestion and hence our appetites, Probiotics thus, also improve our food habits. Thus, here’s wishing all of us a happy friendship with these friendly Probiotics!

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